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Studio Dre for Older Kids (ages 10 and up)

YOUNG Ninjabilities, ages 9 - 10

Really taking it up a notch, working on our strength and flexibility so we can start attempting some tricky manoeuvres… We start implementing elements of acrobatics in these classes, which involve a series of steps to progress to this level. Students learn to be patient with themselves and develop good practice habits.

NEXT LEVEL Ninjas, ages 10 - 12

These ninjas are fighting fit and ready to specialise and branch out into Parkour, Free Running, Martial Arts Tricking and more!

This is the next step after Next Level Ninjas. Freerunning is a style of Parkour that introduces more flips and tricks to make clearing obstacles look more interesting and artistic. This is a 2 hour workshop run on Saturdays for our dedicated and talented students to improve even further.

For students who really take Breaking seriously, our 2-hour advanced workshop really takes it to the next level – PowerMoves! These are the centerpiece of any routine and leave spectators with their jaws on the floor. They are the most difficult moves to master combining speed, momentum and acrobatics.

SALTOS MORTAIS, ages 10 and up (invite only)

Once kids have proven they are ready physically to progress to our main Saltos Mortais class, we continue to develop their skills in this area. We start teaching more complex moves, breaking it down into small steps that make it easier to master safely.


Check our timetable for when we are running open sessions in our studio. This is a time when you can come into practice anything you like alongside other students. Open sessions are best suited to teenagers and adults who are looking for some extra practice time. There is always a coach present for supervision.