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General Info

● Please ensure a guardian is present at the start of the first class so we can run through our rules and important info. Especially for our older students who may normally be dropped at the door, please come inside for the first class to say hi 🙂
● Wear clothes that allow you to move easily, no skirts or school uniforms allowed.
● Bring a water bottle, water only.
● Please don’t park in front of any of the neighbour’s roller doors (not even for 5 seconds for drop off). It is the preference for our patrons to park along Catherine St, however we do have some bays directly infront of Studio Dre that you may park in. Please always drive slowly down this driveway and park within the lines.
● Our doors normally open 5mins before class, unless there is a class on beforehand. So if you arrive earlier than this, please ensure you do not allow children to play or run around the carpark. This area is used by trucks and other large machinery so can be particularly dangerous for pedestrians.
● If you must wait for your class, please don’t let your kids climb our chairs or walls in the office and if they are playing games on their phones the volume needs to be turned off. We do not permit children to run around the carpark, climb on any machinery outside or enter our neighbours lots so please keep your children with you and in control at all times.
● When you enter our studio, please sanitise your hands and ask students to prepare by taking their shoes and socks off. Please be aware of any sand and empty shoes before entering the office.
● If you must feed your child inside the office, please keep in mind we are a nut free facility, we only ask if you can please clean up in case of any spilled food. Strictly no food inside the gym.
● Siblings, if they come along to the class to watch they need to wait in the office. If your child is attending our toddler class and the siblings are younger babies they can come inside our studio in a pram or carrier.
● Refunds – we don’t offer refunds or make up classes/credits according to our T&C’s, however if we know that there’s a spot due to sick child we may be able to organise something.
● Strictly NO SMOKING anywhere near our gym in the carpark or even at our driveway entry, our roller door is usually open and the smoke travels more than you may realise. The health of our students is top priority.

● Hair needs to be tied back for children with long hair.
● Please ensure hands, feet and faces are clean before entering the gym. Please avoid walking to the studio in bare feet, we like clean feet in our studio for the benefit of everyone!
● One of the main reasons we do time outs on occasion is when there is pushing or running away from the teacher. Please await the coach or assistant coach to invite your child back into the class.
● Mild misbehaving or disrupting the attention of the class, kids will have 3 warnings before they miss out on stamps and if this doesn’t work they will loose a turn on the ninja wall.
● Once your kids are inside the gym please try to avoid waving or calling to them, especially if they are on the top of equipment, as this can be a danger if they loose their concentration.
● At Studio Dre we separate kids by close age groups like in school, it is at the Coaches discretion to advise when is the best time for a child to move up to the next level. We will always take into account the student’s age and ability to make the best decision for them.

● Toys, or comfort blankets are not allowed in the gym as our kids need their hands free to climb. Please discuss this with your child prior so they understand our expectations.
● Toilet breaks – young kids need to be accompanied by their parents to the toilet to ensure they clean up properly.
● If your child has a heavy running nose please don’t come to class, if it is just a mild running nose please be ready with tissues to keep your child’s nose clean.
● If they have any little sores or scabs that could come off during class, please ensure they are covered with a bandaid.

● If you need to contact us, please try to text instead of call, as it is more than likely we might be teaching at the time.
● Emails – it may take a few days for us to respond to emails, so if it is urgent please send a text.
● During or between classes may not the best time to have lengthy discussions so we encourage you to send an email and we can always call you to discuss anything when we have more time to give you our attention.
● If other guardians are taking your children to the class, please make sure they are aware of all the rules.