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What classes do we offer?

NINJABILITIES (ages 1 and up)

Learn the skills and abilities of a ninja! Our classes are a mix of gymnastics and parkour, beginning with the essentials of safe movement and progressing to some awesome moves.

These classes are catered towards little ones (starting as young as 12 months!) and kids up to the age of 15. Working on fine-tuning gross motor skills, we custom build a new obstacle course circuit for each class, teaching how to climb, jump and balance safely.

We ask that you abide by our age requirements when enrolling for the first time and we will always assess if this is the right class for their abilities at the first class. Between terms we will always make a suggestion when they are ready to move up to the next class, as it is a combination of both age and skill level to determine the best class for your child.

BREAKING (ages 6 and up)

Learn from B-Boy Alemao (aka Andre) who grew up breaking on the streets of Sao Paulo. We occasionally have guest B-boys and B-girls come by to demonstrate and teach their skills as well as a Break battle toward the end of the year. For those who are serious about Breaking, come and learn from the best at Studio Dre.

SALTOS MORTAIS (ages 8 and up)

Saltos Mortais is a style of tricking / flipping developed by Brazilian kids in the mid 90s. The main unique difference with this style of flipping is that they are launched from just one leg, utilise both sides of the body and combine all kinds of rotations forwards, sideways, backwards and twisting.

These days we can see these kinds of flips all around the world in sports such as Parkour, Free Running, Tricking, Breaking and of course on the big screen in action movies! Andre has learnt directly from the founders of Saltos Mortais in Brasil and is the first teacher to bring it to Australia.


We offer private and semi-private classes of up to 4 students if this is what you are after. Consult with any of our coaches to find a time slot that suits, prices vary depending on the coach.


In small groups we teach adults to regain their strength and flexibility, through step by step movements we work on progressing to a new you! For those already accomplished in breaking, tricking and acrobatics we have open sessions where you can work on your own training schedule.