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Studio Dre is a venue for dedicated people learning awesome new moves. We offer a supportive and friendly environment so you can test your best!

We started with a bit of breaking dance, threw in some ninjabilities and now we are expanding into parkour, tricking and more!

We offer dance and fitness classes from babies to adults, private and semi-private tuition and we would be a great host for your next party. We are also interested in hiring out our digs if you have a class you would like to teach – get in touch!

Pineapples & Zucchinis

KIDS 1-10

We are a part of Studio Dre that is centred on developing gross motor skills in young children, from the age of 1-10. We specialise in Breaking Dance, Ninjabilities (parkour) classes and Yoga.

Many people ask me – where did the name come from? It is an odd choice I guess! It started when I was teaching Kindy Gym classes at Challenge Stadium (now HBF stadium). Those who know me know that I like to make jokes all the time and I started calling the students ‘Pineapples and Zucchinis’ for a bit of fun!

Well it stuck! All of my students started associating me with that and as some of them are now becoming young adults they still remember it!

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“Kids don’t remember what you try to teach them. They remember what you are.”

Jim Henson

Level Up

TEENS 10 – 16

When kids enter into double digits, they move up into a part of Studio Dre catered towards young teens.

Time to challenge with Next Level Ninjas, Powermoves and Saltos Mortais (Brazilian acrobatics and tricking). Learn some awesome moves to impress your friends. Teens are also welcome to join the adult classes, with or without their parents!

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“If we want our children to move mountains, we first have to let them get out of their chairs.”

Nicolette Sowder


Adults don’t miss out on the fun with our semi-private Parkour Fit classes, Reconnexions classes, Yoga and personal training options. Keep an eye out for special courses in skills like windmills and backflips! Show your kids up!

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“If you set the right example, you won’t need to worry about the rules.”