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Studio Dre is a professional trainning air conditioned facility for dedicated people learning awesome new moves. We offer a supportive and friendly environment so you can test your best!

We offer Breaking Dance, Parkour, Tricking, Acrobatics and more!

We offer dance and fitness classes from babies to adults, private and semi-private tuition and would be a great host for your next party.

Our Mission

Our main goal is to teach kids how to be safe in the real world with the abilities of a ninja.


Also important is how to impress your friends at school, family gatherings or weddings with your fresh break dance moves and flips.


Our studio is a specialist facility, not a play centre and not a playground. We are passionate about teaching our students the right skills with discipline and hard work so they can achieve their goals. We train hard but have fun at the same time!

What we offer


We are a part of Studio Dre that is centred on developing gross motor skills in young children, from the age of 1-10. We specialise in Breaking Dance and Ninjabilities (parkour) classes.


When kids enter into double digits, they move up into a part of Studio Dre catered towards young teens.
Time to challenge with Next Level Ninjas, Powermoves, Freerunning and Saltos Mortais (Brasilian acrobatics and tricking). Learn some awesome moves to impress your friends.


Saltos Mortais is a style of tricking / flipping developed by Brazilian kids in the mid 90s. The main unique difference with this style of flipping is that they are launched from just one leg, utilise both sides of the body and combine all kinds of rotations forwards, sideways, backwards and twisting.


PZ TV is our online learning platform through Youtube. This is just starting out so make sure you subscribe to stay updated when we post more tutorials!