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Meet the Team

Andre Dias da Silva – Head Coach and Owner

André is the man behind Studio Dre. A qualified physical education teacher, former BBoy (break dancer) and a father of 2 young boys, Andre hails from the far away land of Brasil where he earned his Bachelor degree in Physical Education.


“I believe that learning is most successful when it is fun! Teaching gross motor skills from a young age is very important for development not only physical but also mentally, it keeps kid’s minds active and improves problem-solving skills. Not to mention the importance of social interactions that happen when kids are having fun together learning awesome new moves!”


Through his university studies, Andre majored in Gymnastics. Since working in the field Andre has had vast experience teaching Gymnastics, Breaking Dance, Acrobatics/Tricking and Parkour, mentoring kids and adults alike.

Sandra Costigan – Head Coach

Sandra has worked with Andre for many years now, specialising in our younger kids. Sandra has a gentle and calm nature with our kids and is also a talented musician, treating our kids to songs on the guitar at the end of lessons! Sandra comes from Ireland where she owned a fitness gym and is also very creative, assisting in our art classes during the holidays.


Marina Petersen – Junior Coach

Andre has also known Marina since she was a child, and now as an adult Marina works mostly with our younger students. She has a very calm and gentle nature and quickly creates great rapport with our students. Marina has a background in Gymnastics, circus tricks, hip hop and breaking. She also loves animals and has just graduated from Marine Biology.

Yonghee Jeon – Break Dance Coach

Yonghee, also known as Bboy Shadow, is also a very accomplished breakdancer. He started his career in South Korea where some of the best Bboys come from! He has a very positive and fun attitude and loves mentoring our break dance students. His goal is to train our students so they may one day form part of the Australian Break Dance team for the Olympics.

Jennifer Vos – Studio Manager

Jennifer is Andre’s wife and works in the background helping to manage the studio. Her background is in interior design and art and you might see her sometimes at the studio teaching art classes during our holiday programs!


*Rest assured that there is always a staff member working at Studio Dre with current certificates in First Aid and our teaching staff all have ‘Working with Children’ cards. Occasional accidents are unavoidable when learning tricky moves however we always practice and teach in the safest way possible. Please always let us know if your children have any medical conditions or injuries to consider before class starts.