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Pineapples and Zucchinis Kids (ages 1-10)

TODDLER Ninjabilities, ages 1 – 3.5

At this age a parent/guardian is involved in the class to assist their child through the circuit. This 45-minute class is structured as exploratory play with some set exercises. Learn the fundamental basics for movement, to develop strength and confidence. If you have a younger baby in a carrier, you are still welcome to assist your child during the class, however older siblings will need to wait in our office area.

Parents/guardians are nearby but our mini ninjas will be completing skill stations by themselves with help from our coach. From this age and up, all our classes run for 1 hour. To advance to this class, children need to be ready to listen and follow instructions independently. Every child progresses at different speeds so please don’t worry if your child needs to stay with Toddler Ninjas for longer to have more assistance, as this is very normal.

Starting to increase the difficulty of our exercises with this bunch, we offer classes after school during the week and on Saturdays. We focus on teaching our students safety when progressing to more difficult moves. They learn to be attentive to our coaches, practice patience and continue developing their core strength through a variety of activities.

KID Ninjabilities, ages 7 - 8

Time to start learning some awesome moves to impress our friends! As a progression we start teaching more advanced climbing maneuvers, hand grip strength, leaning how to fall in a way to not injure ourselves and developing our speed when clearing obstacles.

From ages 6 and up, this is the class for someone who has never top-rocked before. We learn about the B-boy culture, music and basic dance steps of Breaking dance.

INTERMEDIATE Break, ages 8 and up

For those who can groove, and have completed a satisfactory level in beginner Break, this is a constantly evolving class suited to the ability of our students. Building upon our dance steps and freezes and learning how to think on our feet in a cypher, we are getting ready to impress our friends!

For kids more interested in Acrobatics, this Brasilian style of flipping, kicking and tricking to teach kids how to fly! It is a mix of martial arts and acrobatics. In our junior class we introduce acrobatic basics to kids who already have a strong parkour/gymnastic background.