What are the studio rules?

General Studio Rules are as follows…

– No food or drink allowed within the gym area (except water), food must be consumed in the waiting area.

– Premises will be opened for entry 10mins before class start time. Please remain inside the waiting area until the gym is opened ready for class to start.

– No school uniforms allowed and all sand must be emptied from shoes before entering the premises.


What should I wear to class?

Comfortable clothing such as shorts/trackpants, t-shirt and sneakers. Parkour/Ninja classes are sometimes run barefoot.  Long hair should be tied. For Breaking dance classes full pants are preferred to make slides and spins easier (and prevent skin burns!). Please do not bring your child in school uniform, and all sand must be emptied out of shoes before entering the premises – sand is an enemy to us as we’re sure it is to you!


Is there anything I need to bring to class?

Just a water bottle to stay hydrated and any medication you may require (eg. Asthma puffer). Please also update us on any medical conditions/allergies as they arise or become worse.


My children are close in age; can they attend the same class?

As much as we understand it would be easier as parents to have our children attend the same class, for the benefit of the children we must insist they stay in their appropriate ages groups. Our students get the best possible teaching experience due to our close age range and small class size. And we find that most of the time kids perform better without their sister or brother in the same class!


It is our first time; do you offer free trials?

No. We understand as parents ourselves that we don’t want to pay for something our child may not participate in, so we welcome you to watch any of our classes prior until your child feels comfortable to join in. And we offer casual classes if there is space in the class so you can attend whenever you feel is the right time.


Can other children be in the gymnasium to watch their sibling taking the class?

We must insist that all children, who are not students of the class which is running, stay inside the waiting area during the class. It can be too distracting for the students and could also be dangerous for the children watching.


Can our child eat before or after the class?

Try not to let your child eat large amounts within an hour of their class. We encourage you to have a healthy snack ready for when they finish their class (especially for the younger ones as all that exercise can make them ravenous and hangry!).


We are more than happy to allow kids to eat in the waiting area but there is strictly no food or beverages other than water allowed in the gym. We do have a small kitchenette toward the back of the gym near the toilets where we have a microwave and washing up facilities you are free to use, just be careful when transferring foods between this area and the waiting area.