Learn the skills and abilities of a ninja! Our classes are a mix of gymnastics and parkour, beginning with the essentials of safe movement and progressing to some awesome moves.

These classes are catered towards little ones (starting as young as 18months!) and kids up to the age of 12. Working on fine-tuning their gross motor skills, we custom build a new obstacle course circuit for each class, teaching how to climb, jump and balance safely.

TODDLER Ninjas, ages 1 – 3.5

At this age a parent/guardian is involved to assist their child through the circuit. This 45 minute class is structured as exploratory play with some set exercises.

MINI Ninjas, ages 3.5 – 4

Parents/guardians are nearby but our mini ninjas will be completing skill stations by themselves with help from our coach. From this age and up, all our classes run for 1 hour.

LITTLE Ninjas, ages 5 – 6

Starting to increase the difficulty of our exercises with this bunch.

KID Ninjas, ages 7 – 8

Time to start learning some awesome moves to impress our friends!

YOUNG Ninjas, ages 9 – 10

Really taking it up a notch, working on our strength and flexibility so we can start attempting some tricky manoeuvres…

NEXT LEVEL Ninjas, ages 10 – 12

These ninjas are fighting fit and ready to specialise and branch out into Parkour, Free Running, Martial Arts Tricking and more!


Learn from B-Boy Alemao (aka Andre) who grew up breaking on the streets of Sao Paulo. We occasionally have guest B-boys and B-girls come by to demonstrate and teach their skills as well as a Break battle toward the end of the year. For those who are serious about Breaking, come and learn from the best at Studio Dre.

Beginner Break

From ages 6 and up, this is the class for someone who has never top-rocked before. We learn about the B-boy culture, music and basic dance steps of Breaking dance.

Intermediate Break

For those who can groove, this is a constantly evolving class suited to the ability of our students. Building upon our dance steps and freezes and learning how to think on our feet in a cypher, we are getting ready to impress our friends!

Advanced Break

Run as a supplementary class to the Intermediate Break, our advanced class really takes it to the next level – PowerMoves! These are the centerpiece of any routine and leave spectators with their jaws on the floor. They are the most difficult moves to master combining speed, momentum and acrobatics.